Are Cockroaches a problem in London?

There are several types of cockroach which can be a problem in London, as they are in many urban settings. These tough and unpleasant insects like to live close to people, partly for warmth and partly because of the easy access to food.

London’s catering businesses, and other firms handling food, can’t afford to ignore the risk of cockroaches getting into their premises. These ugly beasts are not just unpleasant to look at; they also have a proven ability to spread nasty diseases.

Cockroaches present the same risk to homes. If they are able to get into your kitchen, they will crawl over work surfaces in their search for food, leaving behind them a trail of germs picked up from rotting food or sewer pipes.

Cockroaches that are a problem in London

The three main types of cockroach found in London are the German cockroach, the Oriental cockroach and the American cockroach. They are all various shades of brown, with distinctive long oval bodies, six legs and two very long antennae sticking out from their heads.

They’re usually around 20-30mm long, which is around one inch. Despite being so large, they are a difficult pest to spot because they only come out in the dark. During the day they sit motionless for hours in crevices and behind cupboards, which is why they can go unnoticed for so long.

However, when they do come out, they go in search for tiny scraps of food and will try to find their way into broken or split packets. All the time they are potentially spreading infections, such as salmonella.

How to deal with a cockroach problem

With all pests, prevention is better than cure. Cockroaches prefer to live inside buildings and they will often make their way into your home or premises while hidden inside packaging, secondhand furniture or appliances. Giving these a thorough check before allowing them into your home or work space is an effective first step in pest control.

Another way to check for cockroaches is to look into food stores and preparation rooms when it’s dark. This is when the pests will be active, so they are easier to spot. Keeping these areas clean and keeping food in sealed containers will reduce the risk of an infestation.

If you have the slightest concern about a possible Cockroach Infestation, take action immediately. They breed extremely quickly, which is why they are a difficult pest to control. Various insecticides are available, but if you are dealing with a large number, it’s likely you will need professional help.

London pest controllers have years of experience dealing with cockroaches, because they can be such a problem in the city. Consulting an expert is often the most cost-effective and fastest way to deal with the issue.

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